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Academy of Interactive Entertainment

“I was really impressed with Mike and his team’s approach during our team’s session. It was incredibly practical, and really honed in on the specific behaviours we wanted our people to get better at. They were able to see what best practice looks like, then practice until they felt comfortable applying the skills in the real world. We will definitely book the team for future sessions, and already look forward to the next one!”

Hanan Campbell, CEO, Investa

“We contracted Mike to help our managements teams across a diverse group of companies; BigWorld, Micro Forte and the AIE. Mike was able to teach our senior management effortless approaches to interpersonal communication designed to bridge cultural divides through the use of specific words and phrases that can be applied in every day conversations.

I would highly recommend Mike Jenner to any organisation that wishes to improve the effectiveness of their management team. ”


John De Margheriti, Executive Chairman & CEO, AIE

Lion Company

“I really appreciated that the in-flu-ence coaches are actually business professionals in their own right, rather than HR types or academics. They have experience running businesses of their own, so they understand the reality. They’ve been in our shoes – making tough decisions, and having to live with the consequences. This gives their coaching and advice so much more credibility.”


Brett Burgess, General Manager, Telstra

“There are a myriad of corporate coaches available, and most with very useful content. What made Mike’s session so different was not the what, but the how.

Rather than just preaching and presenting, Mike actually put us to work. We were doing, doing, doing the entire session. And that practical experience (and feedback along the way) has made a real difference in the way our team has built their skills and applied them in their everyday working lives. Thanks, Mike!”


Matt Tapper, National Marketing Director, Lion Company

BNP Paribas

“The honesty and passion that Mike instills in his classes allows a learning environment to evolve that is disarming, confronting and most critically effective.”

John Keith, Managing Director, BNP Paribas

“Would I recommend in-flu-ence? Of course, 10 out of 10 and I know I speak on behalf of the entire team when I say we look forward to our next engagement.”

Kingsley McGarrigle, General Manager, NSW Government Sales, Telstra

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