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As per our assertion that effective leadership produces visible results, we are committed to finding ways to measure actual impact beyond the perceptions of the graduating participant or the commissioning client.


For this reason, we seek to survey the wider organisation before and after our programs run, to identify what impact our intervention has on this wider system.


The following links to the results of just such a survey within one of our client organisations:

Points to note:

  • Immediate supervisor effectiveness, as perceived by 94% of all staff, increased by more than 0.5 on a 10-point scale in the 4 months between the commencement and completion of the course (7.08 to 7.59)

  • The perceived effectiveness of the lower rated 50% of managers increased by 0.85 on a 10-point scale (5.95 to 6.8)

  • 75% of direct reports noticed a change in the effectiveness of their manager

  • Of manager changes noticed by direct reports, 95% were positive

  • Positive changes noticed outweighed negative changes by more than 18:1

  • The most common changes observed by direct reports were

    • better relationship

    • more trust

    • increased transparency

    • gives more feedback

    • gives better feedback

    • sets more, better goals

    • improved self management

    • increased self awareness.

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