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Course Overview

This course is about the development of leadership coaching skills through practice. 
The best leaders don’t create followers, they create leaders. 
This course builds and hones your coaching and facilitation skills to enable you to develop the leadership effectiveness of others.
Based upon the training program that our in-flu-ence coaches completed to equip them to coach participants within our leadership programs, the Leadership Skills Coaching Program (LSCP) builds participants’ competence and confidence in developing the influencing skills of others.
We are delighted to be able to offer LSCP for the first time ever to alums who have successfully completed our leadership development programs over the last 20 years and are interested in developing their leadership building skills.
Our face-to-face time will, to the largest extent possible, be focused on building your effectiveness at constituent coaching and facilitation behaviours. We’ll do this by creating an environment where you’ll repeatedly practice these behaviours, receiving specific feedback from both your peers and the faculty coaches to accelerate your development.
The Leadership Skills Coaching Program is delivered over two full weekend intensives (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) one month apart.
Please note:
To participate in LSCP you must have successfully completed either one of our custom corporate leadership programs or one of our MBA leadership courses (USyd’s LP&D, the Leadership residential within USyd’s EMBA; EB, MS at AGSM; or LEAD at the Booth School of Business). 
Please contact Damien La Caze at if you are unsure whether you qualify to participate in LSCP.



Overview of skills covered

The Leadership Skills Coaching Program (LSCP) is specifically designed to focus on developing the behavioural skills required to effectively coach others through the skill building and change process.


The program will build participants competence and confidence at both the diagnosis and communication components of the coaching process.


Over the course of the two long weekends, participants will build their effectiveness at three primary leadership development skills:

  • Interpersonal skills coaching

  • Written skills coaching

  • Facilitation skills


Interpersonal Skills Coaching:

Participants will practice three different styles of interpersonal skills coaching:

  • External Observation and Skills Coaching. (example skill: coaching I-messages)

  • Coordinating and Skills Coaching (example skill: coaching elevator pitching, coaching keys to coaching)

  • Interacting and Skills Coaching (example skill: coaching listening horseshoes, coaching questions)


Written Skills Coaching:

Participants will practice two different styles of written skills coaching:

  • Feedback Coaching

  • Goal Setting Coaching


Facilitation Skills:

Participants will practice three different styles of facilitation skills:

  • General Insight Facilitation (example skill: IGA)

  • Post-Activity Insight Facilitation (example skill: breaking boundaries)

  • Feedback Facilitation (example skill: Chinese Premier data gathering)


To a much larger degree than with LSDP, the specifics of the LSCP schedule will be driven by the identified needs and demonstrated skills of the individual participants.


Participants who excel within LSCP may be invited to join in-flu-ence’s professional coaching ranks.


Program Schedule

LSCP runs across two long weekends, one month apart.

Individual weekend schedule:

Friday 6:30-9:30pm

Saturday 9:00am-7pm

Sunday 9:00am-5pm

LSCP Session Overview
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