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We believe that great leaders are very rarely, if ever, born. The good news is that, done the right way, leadership effectiveness can be developed.


Because leadership is about what you do, not what you know, your leadership effectiveness is assessed by the behaviours you consistently manifest across time.


Developing leadership effectiveness, therefore, is about establishing and then embedding effective behavioural habits. Understanding and practicing who you need to be and what you need to do to be maximally influential.


We do this by:

  • Breaking down the behavioural components of leadership: influencing, motivating and enabling into their constituent elements, or micro-skills

  • Prioritising time for participants to practice these micro-skills, minimising passive listening time

  • Ensuring a 6 : 1 participant to coach ratio so each participant gets ongoing, customised feedback throughout the program

  • Getting participants to incorporate this feedback in subsequent repetitions of each micro-skill

  • Developing competence at one behaviour at a time

  • Developing competence at elemental behaviours before progressing to more complex skills

  • Facilitating numerous, multi-layered interactions to maximise practice opportunities

  • Facilitating the creation of a psychologically-safe environment so participants embrace:

    • engaging in activities

    • feedback from both coaches and fellow participants

    • persisting with practice to drive increased leadership effectiveness



Accelerated Change


It’s clearly established that behaviour change and skill development happen through experience. But the rate at which this development occurs can be massively accelerated through intense practice and specific, customised feedback.


That’s why our focus is on maximising the number of opportunities for participants to practice leadership skills in a safe, high-quality, feedback-rich environment.



Conceptual Underpinning of the Approach


For more details about the underpinnings of our leadership philosophy and approach, here are five of the foundational research concepts upon which our work is based.

Our Philosophy

All five of these concepts are integral to our work at in-flu-ence. Through leveraging these concepts in our programs, participants gain the confidence and competence to implement best practice leadership skills and influencing behaviours whether in the boardroom or the dining room.

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