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Our assertion is that ‘leadership increases effectiveness, it drives success, producing visible impact in the larger system or organisation’.


So measuring the impact of our work is critical.


Whether you’re investigating opportunities for yourself, for your team or for your organisation, making a leadership development investment shouldn’t come down to a leap of faith. 


Achieving demonstrable results, and having prospective clients and prospective participants be able to review the results we’ve achieved with previous clients and participants is an important part of what we do.


It’s also important to understand that impact can look different from different perspectives. The participant has their perspective on what was achieved, the commissioning client theirs, and the people who interact with the participants on a day to day basis theirs.


In exactly the same way that soliciting multiple perspectives is the most accurate way to understand the actual strengths and areas for development of an individual, so it is with development programs.


This is why we strive to assess our impact from three different perspectives:


  • Participant assessment of impact

  • Client assessment of impact

  • Impact assessment in the wider organisation

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